EGYPTAIR flight hijacking the work of an ex-husband?

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New York, March 29, 2016: EGYPTAIR flight MS181 was hijacked around two hours back but now it is being speculated that it could be the work of an ex-husband wanting to contact his ex-wife! There is no word from the airline so far, so this cannot be independently verified.

A press release by the EGYPTAIR read:

EGYPTAIR official declared that its flight number MS181 heading from HBE Airport (Borg El- Arab Airport in Alexandria) to Cairo Airport was already diverted to Larnaca airport in Cyprus as the aircraft was hijacked. The aircraft is an Airbus A320 with 56 pax onboard in addition to 7 crew members and one EGYPTAIR security member. The aircraft landed safely at Larnaca.

EGYPTAIR confirms that it is following up with the concerned authorities in Cyprus through EGYPTAIR IOCC and negotiations are undergoing with the highjacker.

EGYPTAIR will update you with any news within one hour.

Later it informed:

Negotiations with the Hijacker result in the release of all the passengers, except the crew and four foreigners.

The airlines also gave emergency numbers: Emergency Call Center within Egypt 0800 77 77 000, International +2 02 25989320-29.

Now the reports floating around suggest that the ‘hijack’ was not an act of terrorism but it still does not explain why the hijacker has not released the foreign crew.

Twitter, EGYPTAIR, Terrorism, Hijack, woman, ex-wife

 The airlines is still negotiating for the release of the crew. The flight was hijacked after a passenger claimed that he had a belt with explosives and he demanded that the flight be diverted.

It is being said that his ex-wife is on her way to meet him.

But Twitter already is having a field day at the expense of EgyptAir. Here are a few gems:
Twitter, EGYPTAIR, Terrorism, Hijack, woman, ex-wife
This one tells you how not to treat your ex!
Here is another one.  The Twitter users are having a blast by taking pot-shots at the airlines.