Malaysia: Hindu group moves to Nepal Embassy over conversion attempts

Around 100 members from 10 Hindu NGOs gathered in front of the Nepal Embassy in Kuala Lumpur on Friday to hand over a memorandum protesting what they termed as the “unethical conversions in Nepal”.

The group gathered and displayed banners outside a building at Jalan Ampang which houses the Nepal Embassy to submit the memorandum against a Malaysian church called the Grace Assembly Church, located in Klang.

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The memorandum was submitted by the Hindu group to stop a Christian missionary’s plan of ‘conducting unethical conversion in Nepal,’ the protestors said.

Shri Ramaji of Hindu Sevai Sangam was acting as the head of the protesters and alleged that he has intelligence that a group of evangelists is on a mission to visit poor and vulnerable Hindu people in Nepal to promote Christianity.

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The memorandum submitted by the group reads: “As you can see, this is a blatant conversion mission to prey on the poor people of Nepal by giving them “handouts” to lure and entice them into conversion to Christianity. There are millions of poor Christians in Philippines, Africa and South America whom they should help. Why are the targeting Hindus in poor countries?’

Further, the memorandum says that “we seek your kind cooperation to stop this evangelical mission into Nepal. They are departing on 16th November by Nepal Airlines.”

The memorandum also included excerpts of a circular from the church, which is making rounds on WhatsApp, which reads: “The winter is fast approaching. In Nepal, the temperature can be as cold as 5 – 8*C as it sits on the Himalayan mountains.

“We, at Grace Assembly, is organising a mission trip to Nepal on 16 – 26th Nov 2018. While we are doing our utmost best to carry as many winter clothes and blankets plus other necessities, we need your help to bring more warmth to as many children and adults as possible.

“Would you consider sponsoring a blanket @ RM10 each to help us achieve our mission?” the circular reads.

P.S: Recently in Malaysia, a simple Bible distribution program in front of a secondary school in Bukit Mertajam earned the ire of Penang Islamic Religious Council, state education department and police which quickly began investigating the case.

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