Hindu man beaten during Ramazan asked to ‘forgive’

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Sindh, June 20, 2016: 85-year old Hindu elderly man Gokal Das was beaten outside his house, in Hayat Pitafi of Ghotki district of the southern Sindh province, for eating food 40 minutes prior to Ramazan.

The assault was undertaken by policeman Ali Hassan Haidrani and his brother who did not show any mercy to the elderly man. Hindu man Gokal Das’ bloodied face and his ordeal drew attention of the world and fearing lampooning at the world stage, the local police swung into action and arrested the zealot policeman.

This was not possible had the social media had not made the case go viral following which the accused policeman was put behind the jail, but there is another twist in the case.

Now this elderly man is being forced by a local Hindu panchayat to ‘forgive’ the accused.

The accused policeman has sent mediators to resolve the case ‘amicably’ and let go of it as a mistake.

An Express Tribune report has also stated that at least 20 people  have been sent by the accused to persuade the Hindu man and his family to settle the case out of court.

So far the family has resisted the pressure and is seeking justice for Gokal Das, yet, such out of court settlements are not exactly novel and many Hindus are pressurised to let go of the accused.

Due to lack of justice many Hindu families have to leave Pakistan and migrate to other nations including India.