Hindu man hacked to death for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad

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New York, May1, 2016: Nikhil Joarder, 50, belonging to the minority Hindu community and a tailor by profession was hacked to death on 30th April, 2016 at about 12.30 p.m. The perpetrator stabbed the the Hindu man at village Dubail of Gopalpur Upazila of Tangail District on the allegation of derogatory comment against Prophet Muhammad in 2012. However, no proof has been found against the slain Hindu man.

Also, it should be mentioned that false allegations are often levied against the minorities to exterminate them and to create an atmosphere that would force them to accept Islam. So in short, either with or without the blasphemy, if it had been decided that the Hindu man was to be killed, then he had to be killed.

Bangladesh Minority Watch communicated with the Md. Abdul Jalil, officer-in-charge of Gopalpur Police Station of Tangail who had nothing to say on this while the Superintendent of Police, Tangail did not respond. The Additional Superintendent of Police Mr. Aslam however said that “We are trying to apprehend the criminals to bring them to justice.”

The minority watchdog said that it is shocking that a Hindu man Nikhil Joarder (50) can be killed by the assailants like this.

But this is not entirely shocking considering the country’s extremist nature. Even the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, considered secular, has not taken any measures to curb the growing extremism in the nation.

What remains surprising is that the next door neighbour India has never said one word while the minorities are being butchered in Bangladesh. Due to India’s silence on the issue, the other world powers have also played Nero as the former is seen as the numero uno of the region.

As the repression of the minority Hindu community continues they are being forced out to flee and take shelter in India but their adopted country remains inhospitable to them as well.

In short, for the minority Hindu community, the persecution continues.

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Pic credit: Daily Star