Hate crime: Hindus told to leave Bangladesh

Hindus, Bangladesh, Hindu persecution, loot, business

Dhaka, April 10, 2016: Victims have filed complaint with the Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) that their business was destroyed as they are Hindus.

Two minority victims Rajiv Saha and Sushanta Saha of Ramgoti Bazar submitted written complaints against the perpetrators to BDMW and gave the statement that they were targeted because they are Hindus and that they were attacked and had their shops looted. The two of them have also demanded security as they are being threatened.

In a report, BDMW said that on 4th April 2016, more than 21 perpetrators armed with deadly weapons attacked and injured Rajiv Saha and his younger brother Sushanta Saha in their business establishments “Anik Telecom” and “Sawpna Telecom.”

Hindus, Bangladesh, Hindu persecution, loot, business


Perpetrators ransacked, goods, looted cash and mobile phone sets and even threw away motorcycle causing loss of Taka 10,58,000.00.

Rahib Saha lodged First Information Report (F.I.R) at Ramgoti police station at Laksmipur district against the 21 Muslim perpetrators for this attack and hooliganism. But no accused has yet been arrested by Police.

Most of the attackers are from Awami League and the Chattra League and as they are influential hence they are threatening the two Hindu families to leave the country. This is quite common, Hindus are being asked to move out of Bangladesh on an alarming scale and violence against them has increased a lot. Recently a secular writer has also been murdered who has been voicing his discontent with the rising attacks on the Hindus and other minorities.

Hindus, Bangladesh, Hindu persecution, loot, business

BDMW activists Advocate Rabindra Ghosh, T.K. Pandey and Serajul Islam visited the spot on 7th April, 2016 at about 11 p.m. for fact-finding, talked with the victims, witnesses available and also talked to Abdul Wahed- Upazila Chairman of Ramgoti Upazila Parishad who denounced this hooliganism and physical torture on the Hindus and demanded punishment for the perpetrators.

BDMW has said that it is the right of the citizens to conduct business and to live in the country.