‘Howdy, Modi’ meeting in Houston: Trump and Modi Joint Rally?

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Howdy, Modi!!!

It never happened before, but its fact now that, President Donald Trump will join Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Houston, Texas on Sunday, 22nd September 2019 at Reliant Stadium, where about 50,000 people will gather to throw their support to both world leaders. Both the leaders will talk in this mega event named “Howdy, Modi”. Modi will boost the hope of the enthusiastic American Indian people that India will thrive under his leadership; while Trump will try to ensure the Indian votes in the next election in 2020. This is politics, and a positive step forward, which will benefit both the leaders and the respective countries.

“Howdy, Modi” rally may renew US-India relations and showcase support for the Prime Minister following Kashmir situation and tense trade talks between officials from both countries. The meeting comes amid months of stalled trade talks between Washington and Delhi, resulting in both sides taking retaliatory measures. Prime Minister Modi will surely talk about scraping of article 370 and 35A. Well, by this time, people understands that, the bold and the right step Modi took after seven decades, was for the benefit of the Kashmiri people, and at this stage, while Kashmir is normalizing day by day, and integrating with the mainland India, finally the world may see a peaceful and terror-free Kashmir.

In this context persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan may come up, expatriate Baluchistan people may welcome Modi, and most importantly, the plight of ‘Vikram’ to moon, for which all Indians are proud of, and for which Mr. Modi is enjoying a landslide popularity at home, will mark the Houston event a historic level. No Indian Prime Minister ever enjoyed this type of ‘welcome’ in American land, both from its own people and as well as US administration, and the White House. This is call leadership and statesmanship, and Mr. Modi is totally successful. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Mr. Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

More riots against Pakistani Hindus will take place’

I am American Bangladeshi and at this time both Bangladesh and India’s friendship is at its top and we know it’s the hard work of both the Prime Ministers of two countries. Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is visiting India and will meet her counterpart on 5th October 2019 in Delhi. As always we wish the ‘Teesta’ treaty will be signed this time. We remember, when Mr. Modi had visited Dhaka last time, he had gone to the Dhakeswari Temple and offered Puja. Two crores of Hindus in Bangladesh loved that. I know a lot of Bangladeshi Hindus will join the Houston gathering, and Hindus in Bangladesh loves Modi, for reason that, no other Indian Prime Minister ever has shown so much interest about Bangladeshi Hindus and expressed concern like his government did. Good luck.

Sitangshu Guha

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