“Does Islamic law allow for a Christian to rule over Muslims?”

Does Islamic law allow a Christian to run for an office and govern Muslims? When Ahmad Zayed, a professor of shari’a at Qatar University, was asked this question by Qatar-based Saudi academic Raed Al-Samhouri he gave a surprising answer.

MEMRI translated the interview and also gave out a transcript giving the exchange between the two.

Ahmad Zayed was speaking in a June 12, 2019 debate on Al-Araby TV (U.K.) and he said that the Islamic law allows non-Muslims to run for office, but that ‘it is impermissible for Muslims to vote for non-Muslim candidates since shari’a says the ruler must be a Muslim.’


When Raed asked if it were allowed according to the shariah for a Muslim to vote for a Christian? Ahmad Zayed said that no it was not allowed thus ending the debate completely.

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Take a look at the video:

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