Islamic State Is Targeting Miss World Competition 2017

Islamic State to attack Miss Universe 2017

Terrorist outfit Islamic State is calling on “everyone who can” to launch attacks on Miss World competition to be organized in the Philippines next year, reports The Telegraph.

Although the reports have not been verified, but some have said that posts from jihadis to attack the event are available on social media.

The author of the posts called on the “brothers who love martyrdom” to launch suicide attacks on the event, but there was no reason given. Author’s true identity is not known at the time of writing this report.



Source: Twitter

Islamic State Has A Presence in the Philippines

The Philippines last hosted the beauty pageant in 1994, and will host it again in January 2017. But, with the terrorists aiming to threaten the event with strikes, it may not draw as much audience as it would have liked. The nation of Philippines faces stiff resistance from home-grown terrorist group Abu Sayyaf, which has been calling for an all-Islamic state in the southern part of the nation. They have pledged allegiance to Isil, and that is a big concern for the nation.

Philippines’ inept military has been unable to control the rise of Abu Sayyaf until now and there is no logical reason to expect anything extraordinary going into 2017 as well. The nation’s reputation is at stake now, and the government must take stringent measures to curb this rising menace.

It is expected that the nations participating in the beauty competition will ensure several rounds of sweeping security checks, and strong security cover to foil any terrorist attempt. On the other hand, the Islamic State and the jihads know this really well, and would be planning to attack via methods other than suicide bombing also.

Featured Image: BBC

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