Israel plans to stop Christian Television aimed at Jews and Arabs (Video)

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By Namta Gupta

New Delhi, May 10, 2020: The government fo Israel may soon off-air a Christian television channel that was launched on April 29th, 2020, and was aiming to preach to the Jews.

Israel has strict rules against conversion bids aimed at under-18s without parents’ permission and conversion activities are, anyways, frowned upon.

GOD-TV, an international Christian media network began airing the Hebrew-language Shelanu channel and write from the onset it says that ‘ Israel will never be the same again!’

Even in its first statement, it is clear in its goals saying that ‘we want every person in Israel to know, not a foreign Messiah, but a Jewish one! His name is Yeshua and He has not forgotten His people.’

It also will broadcast real-life testimonies of Israelis who have come to know Yeshua as Messiah.

The channel also requested the Christians to pray as their ‘programming will be effective in changing the stereotype of Yeshua as the enemy of the Jewish people and show them that he belongs to them and is their Messiah.’

So technically, it will aim at proselytising and would further Christian doctrine in the only Jewish state in the world.

In a video message, Ward Simpson, the CEO of God TV, said: “God has supernaturally opened the door for us to take the Gospel of Jesus into the homes, and lives and hearts of his Jewish people.”

You can hear him here:

But the channel aim is not just the Jews but also the Arabs, the majority of whom are Muslims.

However, Communications Minister David Amsalem recently that he would not allow any missionary channel to operate in Israel, at no time and under no circumstances.

So all the planning and euphoria by the network may, eventually, come to naught.

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