Kalash girl forced to convert to Islam

Chitral, June 16, 2016: Kalash tribe, with just 4000 surviving members in Pakistan, has been hit by forced conversion today.

Today, a little while ago, reports emerged that a teenager girl has been forcefully converted to Islam. But what made matters worse was that while the child was giving her statement to the police at a neighbour’s dwelling, a charged crowd, meanwhile, gathered at the Bumburate in Chitral district and encircled the house.

Police had to fire in the air to disperse the crowd as it kept advancing and several have gotten injured.

Even the owner of the house has gotten injured while many policemen have also reportedly received injuries as the scuffle refused to die down.

Teenager’s whereabouts are unknown at present.

Kalash are a small minority which have earlier also come under the scanner of Taliban which had threatened them to either convert or be prepared to die. Taliban even threatened the minority Ismaili Muslims who live in Chitral for being ‘different.’

Kalash people believe that they are descended from the Alexander the Great and have their own religious and spiritual values which Taliban abhors.

While conversion to Islam is fine in Pakistan, going out of the religion is a serious issue and can lead to destruction and death, this was perhaps what led the mob get out of control.

The details are emerging as the news has spread in Pakistan with many worried about the state of affairs in the nation.

Pic for representation, Inputs from AFP