Jisha murder: Has she finally got justice?

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Kerala, June 16, 2016: The Jisha murder case is most likely in its last stages as the police have picked up a migrant laborer who lives in Assam in connection with the case.

Amiyul Islam, 24, is said to be the prime suspect and he was picked up by the police from Tamil Nadu two days back.

Jisha murder case is perhaps one of the most gruesome murders in the history of India and it is being said that the man in question has confessed to the crime.

29-year old Jisha was a bright young law student from Perumbavoor who was found brutally murdered on April 28 this year with multiple stab wounds.

The political parties have welcomed the breakthrough unanimously but complete justice in the case would take a little while longer.

What is absolutely chilling is that Jisha is said to have befriended this man where he worked as a construction labourer and he attacked her after she started trusting him.

Also, the details that have been shared by manoramaonline.com police sources have revealed that Islam had entered into an argument a few days prior to the murder after he ventured into an area where only women take bath. At his audacity, the women slapped him there and Jisha made fun of him.

Islam reportedly developed a hate for her and wanted to take revenge and under the influence of alcohol he reportedly tried to rape her. When she resisted he stabbed her on her genitals. He also bit her and later stabbed her further causing her death.

The murderer was so cruel that the, manoramaonline.com report reveals, that when a brutally bleeding Jisha requested him for water, he gave her alcohol.

The brutality of the incident made it a much debated crime in the history of Kerala.