Mauritius: Spate of Temple vandalism in less than a week stun Hindus

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New Delhi, December 11, 2020: Temple desecrations have been reported from at least three locations from Mauritius in the past 10 days.

In each case, no suspect has been arrested.

Hindu Temples at Pont Bon Dieu, Vuillemin Quartier Militaire, and L Escalier, especially Kali statues have been targeted by the vandals.

It may seem ‘burglary’ on the outside, but would a  burglar wait around to also desecrate and smash statues is a question which we must ask? Clearly, Hinduphobia has raised its ugly head in Mauritius and law enforcement seems clueless about it even after these acts of sacrilege against its Hindu majority.

These Temples do not have CCTV and normally only the neighboring Hindu families come here for worship.

Mauritius: Kali temple vandalized in Mount Ory

By Namta Gupta