Minor Hindu girl kidnapped for rape and conversion in Bangladesh

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New York, April 15, 2016: Minor Hindu girls have become a prime target for rape and conversion in Bangladesh. A new case has come to light in which 15-year old Popy Mallick, a minority Hindu School girl was kidnapped on 13.03.2016 for rape and forceful conversion to Islam by perpetrators.

This is the latest violence on minority Hindus in Bangladesh and human rights watchdog Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) is investigating the case.

The names of the perpetrators are

1.) Mohammad Nazmul Sakar (23) son of Nalu Sarkar,

2)Md. Soleman (20) son of Mohabbat Ali

The abduction took place near the Grind lays Bank of Chashara, Narayanganj, Bangladesh and the complaint against the abduction was launched by Maya Mallick (40) who is the mother of the minor Hindu girl kid Popy Mallick.

Bangladesh minority watch has shared the details of the case:

Minor Hindu girl Popy Mallick, daughter of Narayan Mallick, was the examinee of Secondary School Certificate Examination at Mortgern Girls’s High school which falls within the Narayangonj City Corporation at Narayangonj.

When the victim was waiting near the Grindlays Bank-Chashara area on 13th March, 2016 Mohammad Nazmul Sakar (23) and son of Nalu Sarkar, Md. Soleman (20) and unknown four perpetrators kidnapped her and took her away via a micro bus and fled to an unknown destination. After the mother of minor Hindu girl came to know about the kidnapping, she went to house of perpetrators to beg them to return her, but perpetrators instead threatened the mother of the victim and said that:

 “If you lodge any complaint against us then the members of your family would be killed.”

The mother, Maya Mallick, however, approached the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of the Narayangonj Sadar police station for an F.I.R, but the O.C. refused to entertain any case against the perpetrators.

Thereafter, she approached the BDMW-Narayangonj for taking necessary steps asking for legal assistance and BDMW immediately communicated with the Additional Police Superintendent (Crime) Narayanganj and requested them to entertain the F.I.R. against the perpetrators.

Narayanganj Police later accepted the complaint from the victim’s mother and lodged a case (No-21 dated 11.01.2016) under section 7/9(1) Women and Children Repression Act, 2003 against the perpetrators with the help of Bangladesh Minority Watch-Narayangonj. But the Police could not trace the victim while no arrests have taken place to get justice till the writing of this report.

In this case of minor Hindu girl, BDMW feels that the police have a negative attitude towards the Hindu victims.

What is most surprising is that as soon as the case got registered the ‘untraceable’ perpetrators who abducted the minor Hindu girl got the whiff of it and started threatening her parents to withdraw the case. This case has also been covered by thebdtimes24.com.

BDMW has demanded security for the parents of the minor Hindu girl child and has demanded her immediate rescue and to apprehend the criminals as marrying a minor is against all international laws.