Pakistan: 3 more Hindu girls abducted for forced conversion, Hindus protest

Pakistan, forced conversion, Hindu girls, abduction

Sindh, May 7, 2016: Another case of abduction of Hindu girls has come to light from Pakistan.

As per information provided, the girls are three sisters namely Saweeta, Kajal and Leelan Kolhi kidnapped from Lalu Lashari District Hyderabad by Raja Gopang and Gullam Mustifa Khaskheli on May 4, 2016.

The police is not ready to lodge an FIR when the family approached it for justice. As per family, the age of the girls:
Saweta Kolhi 18 years
Kajal Kolhi 15 years
Leela Kolhi 13 years
The forced conversion cases from Pakistan keeps piling up and the major victims are always the minorities, particularly girls and boys of Hindus and Christians. Despite severe protests from the minority communities these cases refuse to die down as conversion to Islam has the backing of society at large which sees it as a necessity to keep the Islamic fabric of Pakistan intact.
Due to forced conversion cases in Pakistan, the minorities, especially the Hindus, are migrating to India in large numbers prompting Indian government to relax visa rules for the hapless minorities.


Hindu, Pakistan, forced conversion protest
Hindu protest against abduction of the three sisters on May 7, 2016
Earlier, the forced conversion and abduction case of Kiran Meghwar had come to light from Pakistan where, yet again, the Pakistani judiciary had shown lack of concern for the minor community’s human rights.
On Tuesday (May 3rd, 2016), the Christian community in the country held a huge protest in front of the Lahore High Court, against the Punjab government’s plans to undertake land belonging to four Churches for its Orange Line Metro Train project.
The problem with the minority communities in Pakistan mostly stem from the fact that there are no secular parties in the country:
Pakistan, forced conversion, Hindu girls, abduction

‪‬Hindu man Ramchand Kolhi protests in front of press club Hyderabad,‪ against local Wadera (powerful local Muslims).


Hawa Meghwar‬, 18-year old Hindu girl was raped and killed at Kunri. In this case, came to light in September 2015, the SHO police tried to lodge an FIR but he was suspended as there awere big people behind this atrocity and her parents were threatened, till the time the case died down.

Another Hindu‬ girl ‪‎Leelan Bheel, age 15-years, case reported in October 2015, was also raped and killed in Kunri.

Reshma Kolhi, 16 years old Hindu girl, was raped at village Doro Nalo, by two men and later her body was found hanging.

The cases of Kilal who was raped in Daroo, and 11-years old Seema Oad (abducted from Nawab Shah) by the people of Domki tribe, never even got the social media attention.
Hindu community fought hard and several came out on streets against cases several times but nothing happened.
This protest took place at the Karachi Press Club on 20.09.2015.

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