Quran desecration, blasphemy charges aggrieve Hindus but no relief

Daudkandi Police station of Comilla District of Bangladesh was simmering with anger after it was found that someone had shit on Holy Quran. Angry Muslim community suspected the Hindus. This was reported by many Bengali dailies on 17th March but the culprit arrested was Mohammad Habibur Rahman. Bangla.moralnews24.com covered the news along with the picture. This news is very similar to Pakistan where Quran desecration led to murder and mayhem for days but drew no international coverage. Currentriggers.com was the first to contact Pakistani locals over their plight following which others decided to look at the incident.

Quran desecration or blasphemy blame on Hindus is not new:

In February, a Hindu man, aged 32 years, Sunjan Mohonto, was arrested from Kaderpara area of Bangladesh after local Muslim mob made life hell for the Hindus in the area. Sunjan had a case filed under ICT Act and the charge was blasphemy against Islam on Facebook.

The apparent blasphemy was that he had shared a picture of Lord Hanuman between two domes of Kaaba. Despite the arrest, there was a deliberate attempt to create as severe a situation as was the case last year. The angry mob tried to set fire to the house while aggressive sloganeering also took place as per local source who spoke to Currentriggers.com.

Dhaka Tribune also covered this news fearing the repeat of attacks that drew international condemnation. But it seems that there is no way that Bangladeshi Hindus can get any relief.

But all this is nothing in comparison to what happened last year. The Black Diwali that Hindus celebrated with blood and tears seem to hold no value in Bangladesh.