Sikh man attacked in Afghanistan, lives to tell the tale (Video)

By Namta Gupta

Sikh man Moor Singh was attacked in his sculpture/statue shop in Kandahar in the morning hours (9.30 am to 10.30 am on 29th January 2017) by a gunman in the city of Kandahar.

Sikhs and Hindus have come under heinous attacks in Afghanistan following which many have to escape from their nation.

Moor Singh’s family lives in Delhi while he works in Kandahar. The gun pierced his throat and the local Hindus and Sikhs are taking care of the injured Sikh man at a Gurudwara nearby after he was discharged by the hospital.

It is shocking to note that the attack took place during the day and shows the level of danger that Afghan minorities have to live in every day.

Video of Sikh Man procured by

Currentriggers was able to reach to one of his close friends, who informed that the man was rushed to the Chinai Hospital where he was treated and was discharged later. He is now staying at the local Gurudwara. This Gurudwara is, however, mere 10-20 meters away from the shop that the Sikh man used to work at.

The person whom spoke to also said that it was likely that there were two attackers and they came on a bike. One of the bikers attacked the Sikh man, while the other helped him ride away.

The person also told said that the Sikhs and Hindus live under danger and it was an unknown man who informed other minorities of the area that the Sikh man Moor Singh has been attacked. Following this, the minority community rushed to the spot and took Moor Singh away. He is now recovering but would take more time to be back on his feet.

Singh is one of the few who have survived such a fatal attack and his family is hoping to see him back in New Delhi soon.

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