UK: Hindu symbol gets hate from some, but wins support from most

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The Hindu symbol of prosperity and good luck ‘Swastika’ has now become a bone of contention with many UK netizens calling it a ‘Nazi’ symbol.

However, the Nazi symbol is a tilted version but most users seem to be unaware of it.

Lily’s Vegetarian Indian Cuisine based at Ashton-under-Lyne is a vegetarian Gujurati Indian food and fresh Indian Sweets restaurant and it has come under fire for putting Hindu  Swastika at the entrance.

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In a statement the restaurant owners said:

Hi everyone- just a bit of a notice/informative post this time around. The symbol that is used in this sign is a religious Hindu symbol. It is an ancient symbol of spirituality and represents auspiciousness and good luck. It has been recognised as this symbol since 3000 BC and still represents this for many Hindus around the world today. We have been made aware that some comments have been circulating that imply we have this symbol up for other reasons and would like to make it clear that this isn’t the case.

But what was absolutely heartwarming was the reaction of some consumers who jumped to the defence of the restaurant. Some of the most significant comments are listed below:

One user wrote:

Quite why anyone could jump to the conclusion that an Indian restaurant’s owners not only had Nazi sympathies but decided to broadcast this spectacularly controversial fact on a pretty banner is beyond me. In my experience, white supremacists don’t have a particularly large following from people whose heritage is from the Indian subcontinent.

Another user pointed out an article that was needlessly provoking; the person wrote:

Happy Diwali and New Year to you all!!!

I read and was upset by the article the MEN wrote. We have been Lily’s customers for many years and know you are a lovely family. The article was deliberately provoking a negative reaction and I hope they take responsibility for any trouble you have. Look forward to visiting again soon!

Another user with Asian heritage pointed out the importance of the symbol and wrote:

In Asia with Hinduism and Buddhism influences (includes China, Japan; etc), this symbol is very normal and stands for peace/serenity as well. Don’t allow negative comments from ignorant people from changing what you believe in and the original meaning of the symbol. If they had questions, they should’ve approached staff to ask instead of making malicious comments on the net.

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