For Arnab Goswami, the game has just begun (video)

Arnab Goswami, India’s news superstar, resigned from the posts of Editor-in-Chief and President (News) of Times Now and ET Now and the move shook India like none other.

As a man who is as much hated as he is loved, Arnab surely has a loyal fan base that no other journalist, except Rohit Sardana and Sudhir Chaudhary, enjoy.

In a way, Arnab Goswami became way bigger than the channel itself.

Aggressive, blunt and someone who shouted down every opposition in his News Hour, Arnab’s show was everything that TV journalism in its initial days needed the most, drama. He came to the top when the TV was being ruled by print journalists who were clueless as to how to make the switch from print to TV without boring the viewer. At such a time came Arnab Goswami and he quickly became the gladiator who vanquished every foe that dared to challenge the then fledgling Times Now. In short, Times Now became what it is due to this one-man-army. What would be the channel’s strategy now? We will have to wait and watch but it is clear that it won’t be the same.

Now when he is moving out after his resignation, we expected no less than a subtle message for his team and he delivered with the punchline being ‘the game has just begun.’

Arnab Goswami’s 3-minute farewell clip shows him getting emotional in front of his staff when he told them that:

Nobody can teach us independent media. It has come and I have been able to do it only because of you.

On being a tough boss and shouting at his staff he told them that he did so because he merely wanted the channel to stay at the top.

Arnab Goswami may have ended his stint with the Times Now and yet, it seems that it is only now, ‘that the game has just begun.’

Watch Arnab Goswami giving his farewell speech

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