Canada’s largest Toronto School Board declares November as the Hindu Heritage Month

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Toronto District School Board (TDSB) in Canada has resolved that month of November each year be declared as Hindu Heritage Month.

TDSB Trustees, in their April 18 meeting, passed a motion which included: Hindu Heritage Month is an opportunity to celebrate and educate all our students and school communities about this ancient and spiritual way of life.

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Explaining the need for a Hindu Heritage Month, the motion also said: Canadians of Hindu faith have greatly contributed to civic life in Canada for decades, and are a vibrant part of the growth and prosperity of Toronto, Ontario and Canada.

The motion also stated: Hinduism (or Sanathana Dharma) encompasses a broad range of…contributions to learning through mathematics, astronomy and science, and well-being through health practices such as yoga, meditation and a vegetarian diet.

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Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada today, commended TDSB for declaring November as Hindu Heritage Month and urged all school boards of Canada to do the same as Hindus had contributed significantly to the nation and society in Canada and continued to do so.

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TDSB serves approximately 246,000 students in nearly 600 schools, besides over 140,000 life-long learners. Over 120 languages are spoken by TDSB students and their families. Dr. John Malloy and Robin Pilkey are Director and Trustees Chair respectively.

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