I was in a burka, had my backside groped and breasts grabbed

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Sexual harassment even when you are in a modest garment like burka?


Pakistani actor Armeena Khan has explained how she was sexually abused in a burka joining the #MeToo campaign that has erupted ever since singer Ali Zafar was accused by Meesha Shafi of sexual harassment.

Meesha had hoped that her disclosure would help other women also break the circle of silence and would come forward and it has proved right.

Armeena Khan took to Twitter on Saturday and shared that she was sexually harassed in Lahore’s Anarkali Market even when she was donning a burka.

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She wrote:

“I was in #Anarkali in Lahore in a burka (nobody knew who I was). I literally had my backside groped and breasts grabbed. NOT by one guy but by 2. Now, my family saw that and I asked them why? I was told it was a really common thing there. Did I deserve that? #Metoo #Horrified.”

Armeena Khan also wrote that this proves that this incident nullifies the oft-repeated argument that the clothes or celebrity culture is to be blamed for such sexual predatory behavior.

She also wrote:

How many regular women here have been wolf whistled/cat called at? Groped and touched inappropriately in crowded markets? Many won’t come forward because of shame. But this as an opportunity to come forward. This is about you now!

But the backlash was swift and many thought that this was a publicity gimmick. The critics swamped her timeline and she had to point out that this was not about her at all and also that she has no film promotions going on at present.


Meanwhile, the sexual harassment charge against Ali Zafar has opened a major gulf with Ali saying that he would take recourse to legal forum:

But many believe that this issue can be resolved better by turning strictly turning to religion, like actor Hamza Ali Abbasi.

But the big question is that since he is an actor, then how would he be able to maintain the ‘gap’ with the opposite gender in an industry like his?

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