Fake news gets quashed by Bengaluru City Police

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Bengaluru City Police had to firefight a news from a major news website which had reported about a protest against cattle sale purchase order which may harm the business of some entities.

Cattle slaughter has become a point of debate in India ever since a cow was slaughtered in Kerala to protest against what is being perceived as the Beef Ban.

The news portal had issued a flash which read:

“Massive protests breaks out in Bengaluru against the Union Government’s recent cattle ban order.”

Some people, however, had doubts on this piece of news and decided to ask the Bengaluru City Police to verify the information. A Twitter user asked the Twitter handle of the Bengaluru City Police if the protest in Bengaluru is for ‘real.’

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The response was swift and the Bengaluru City Police said “This is fake news.’

Twitter users were left fuming after the reply and many claimed to be from the area also concurred with the police.

While some demanded action against fake news:

Fake news menace has engulfed India and has led to heated debates and many sites have been labeled fake.

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