Mahesh Bhatt starts #ProfileForPeace and gets trolled

Mahesh Bhatt, Alok Nath, ProfileForPeace, India, Pakistan, Pakistani artists

hesh Bhatt is always expected to take the side of Pakistani artists and he did not fail this time too. He tried to rekindle the now buried #ProfileForPeace and wrote:

Dear leaders

Do not let the actions of few violent men write the future of many people, like me who want peace.

# Kill Terrorists Not Talks


But like in his films, he miscalculated the mood of the nation when a girl took an initiative and wrote back to the director to what she felt:

Dear Leaders

Do Not Let The Greed Of Few Stupid BollyTards Write The Future Of many People Like Me, Who Not Only Want Retribution, But Want The End of A Terror State That Regularly Sends Kalashnikov Wielding Rats To Bleed Bharat Mata.


Bollywood actor Alok Nath appreciated the girl who took on Mahesh Bhatt and said that he appreciated the usage of the word ‘few’ in her reply to Alia Bhatt’s father:

Singer Abhijeet has already started a war of sorts against the people whom he has identified as the pro-Pakistani artists in the industry and he had mentioned Mahesh Bhatt in it besides Karan Johar and the Khans. So it was indeed a matter of time that Mahesh Bhatt jumped into the fray to make himself heard.

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