Man orders food from Swiggy, finds blood-stained band-aid

Food delivery platforms like the Swiggy are the lifeline of working folks but some of them let us down so hard that it is bloody (literally) disappointing. Case in point is that of ‎Balamurugan Deenadayalan‎ who posted about his ordeal on February 10th.

The young man had ordered Chicken Schezwan Chop suey through Swiggy. He was just half-way in between his meal he found a bloodstained band-aid!

In his complaint to Swiggy, he wrote that he contacted the restaurant but the restaurant insisted on replacing the food!

‎Balamurugan Deenadayalan wondered who again would like to ‘eat such contaminated food!’

He also said that he tried to the food delivery platform but there is no option to call them directly through app for already delivered food. The only option is to chat but Swiggy staff isn’t responding either!

The customer said that he wants to ‘badly sue both restaurant and Swiggy too for partnering with restaurant’ that ‘doesn’t practice general hygienic method like using hand glove or not allowing any kitchen staff with injured fingers/hands in the kitchen!’

The food delivery platform has apologized to ‎Balamurugan  for the ordeal.

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