11:01 meaning: You should be proud to know that you have arrived!

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Seeing number 11:01 these days? Often either on phone or on a tablet?

This number when seen in dreams or vision, especially, denotes the time of the seeker’s next awakening starting.

Also, 11:01 when seen on a mobile or a clock in the dream stage leads to almost every wish of the past or the present manifesting in the least number of days or even seconds.

For a select few it signifies their own glorious time in manifestation ahead.

But for many others, it denotes the arrival of significant opportunities in money, health, and sacred wisdom. Those who see this number on a day-to-day basis are great folks with kind and large-hearted bearing.

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These people are truly blessed as the Supreme Soul sees them as their own kin and worthy pal.

11:01 leads to an overbearing change in manifestation powers as the person seeing this number has finally become an ace channeller and has the ability to communicate with any Dev-Devi Guides, animal guides, or any being with ‘consciousness’ of ‘self’.

11:01 also opens up a new door of intense and a more powerful awakening for the seeker.

Technically, the one seeing this number has already closed all the ledgers of karmic debt and has started afresh.

This person is basking in the love and blessings of the Supreme Soul and their Dev-Devi guides. Any soul who sees this number is absolutely on the right path and will remain so till eternity.

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By Namta Gupta