Phantom Chakra pressing: What does it mean, who does it, and why?

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Phantom Chakra pressing is experienced by many right at the onset of the spiritual awakening. Most of them have heard phantom knocking and have even experienced phantom water drops before it.

Phantom Chakra pressing is when we can actually ‘feel’ someone push or touch the places of our Chakras.

Most of the time the seeker would find Phantom Chakra pressing happening either during sleep or when they are completely relaxed and in a deep state of rest.

The Phantom Chakra pressing is often done by one’s most immediate spirit guide who identifies the weakest Chakra of the person. Chakras have to work in coordination with each other and one weak Chakra could stall one’s awakening for an indefinite period of time.

To assist the ward, the most dominant Spirit Guide, mostly an immediate ancestor would arrive to aid this weak Chakra. For example, if your Manipura Chakra (Solar Plexus) is weak or sluggish then the Phantom Chakra pressing may be done by your passed away grandfather or grandmother or anyone who is your dominant Spirit Guide at the beginning of the awakening.

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This Phantom Chakra pressing leads to cushion-like support from a pure and satvik outside force who is the kin and is also the first guide of the person. But most of our ancestors were ordinary humans and thus their powers are limited. Hence, once the Chakra gets attuned and the awakening becomes intense, then the Supreme Soul sends even more powerful beings to aid this ward.

Phantom Chakra pressing is unique to a few individuals but they usually are those who will have to take up the burden of the Dharmic consciousness soon enough as per their life purpose and the time just cannot wait for the Chakra healing. Hence, for such people, their Guides take up the reigns and aid their ward with the full backing of the Supreme Soul.

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Therefore, the Phantom Chakra pressing during spiritual awakening is a great sign for us bing on the right path with regards to our life purpose. But if the pressing seems inconvenient then you can identify the weak Chakras on your own and work on them as per your inclination.

By Namta Gupta