Aparajita dream meaning: Sacred Feminine energy will help you!

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Did you see an aparajita dream?

Aparajita flowers are auspicious in Hindu society.  In India, both the white and the blue aparajita are considered to be high-vibrational offerings for Gods and Godesses.

What we know as aparajita in the Hindu society, is known as clitoria ternatea, Asian pigeonwings, bluebellvine, blue pea​, butterfly pea, cordofan pea, and Darwin pea in others.

If one sees blue aparajita dream, then remember that a major wish is coming true due to the Supreme Soul’s female powers.

Aparajita’s blue hue is the mark of individuality, grace, and abundance as gigantic as the sky and as deep as the deepest of the seas. Those who saw blue aparajita dream may have earned a visitation of Divine Feminine Mother Mahagauri (a form of Goddess Durga) during the dream state. It could also be that this dreamer is seeking a more expressed relationship with the sacred feminine energies of the highest vibrations.

In the blue aparajita dream, if the dreamer sees the bud fully developed then major changes are coming in the life of the dreamer or the wishes may blossom in the material realm. In the blue aparajita dream, if one sees a full-fledged flower then it could mean beautiful manifestations coming to life with regards to medicines-making from easily available daily things. This is however specific dream meant only for Healers and Naturopaths/ Ayurved Acharyas only.

Seeing a full-fledged aparajita plant in the aparajita dream with many blue flowers means that the Supreme Soul has sent many aides to help the person while a single flower could also mean that a single but major wish coming to life in the next 7 days.  Blue aparajita flowers being trampled on or chopped, or simply being lifeless and dry represents a lack of moral values or Dharma in the household due to which the desires or manifestations despite coming to fruition will be destroyed either by the Adharmik/unjust and uncouth behavior of the dreamer or his family.

Aparajita also comes in an all-white hue. In Hindu society, we call it the Gokarna, or the ear of the cow. Among the Hindus, Cow represents Mother Earth or the very source of our existence, so much so, that the Hindus do everything to keep cows safe as part of spiritual obligations to Mother Nature. Jains and Buddhists have the same principle of benevolence and respect as the Hindus with regards to the cows and her progeny.

The ears of the cow are sensitive and pick up sounds and vibrations from afar. Gokarna or white aparajita flower in dream leads to the growth in auditory prowess. The person who saw gokarna in the dream would find nothing lacking in his life and his heart and mind would forever be at peace.

Not many people will see gokarna in the dream since their Chakras are often not attuned to be able to process such high-vibrational energies.

But those rare ones who indeed see gokarna in dreams should know that the Supreme Soul has blessed you with everything, health, happiness, money, family life, and an ability to nurture Nature.

The Supreme Power would continue to give further and further as soon as a need ever is in the process of sprouting. It is, thus, the perfect time for the dreamer to take a leap of faith and push the boundaries!

By Namta Gupta