What does seeing broken eggs in a dream mean?

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In a dream if you see a bird’s broken eggs with the yolk seeping out then it is the sign of something stopping mid-way that would bring both grief and sadness for the dreamer. This is a dream that speaks of wasted effort, time, and also of suffering and is a warning to not get too disheartened.
The dreamer who sees this dream is advised to be in nature and tend to birds or any animal who has or is in the process of giving birth, and remove its suffering. Earning good karma will help the dreamer in gaining both peace and also successes ahead.
If  a pregnant woman sees this dream, then she must do more to care for her unborn child. If this dream is seen by the father or any close male relative, then they must abstain from doing anything that brings sorrow to the pregnant lady. This is a call of the Supreme Soul to be kind to the woman as she carries the seeds of life and needs absolute care and protection of those around her. These male relatives are advised to nurture other sentient beings as well.Those who see eggs broken and also see either red blood spots or any type of worm or vermin in it, then you are advised to stop self-sabotaging your venture or project by letting unscrupulous people know about it and its potential before its completion.

Seeing broken eggs but with no yolk often means that your efforts on a project or a venture are half- hearted and would yield no results. Do your best to get desired results.

Namta Gupta
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