Did you see yourself married in dream? Here is what it means!

Mera Gaon Meri Dharohar

Seeing yourself married to an unknown person is one dream to watch out for as it often is the first clue of either your suffering or any type of addiction that is making you too dependent or vulnerable.

Seeing yourself married to a very good-looking person is often a sign of someone thinking of you or feeling attracted to you but the ‘face’ of the person is what they want you to see them as. Thus they could be radically different looking in real life.

If you see yourself married to a celebrity, then it means that you wish to be married to a person who embodies some spiritual or financial energies as the celebrity seen in the dream.

If you see being repulsed, attacked or assaulted by your spouse or partner in the dream, then it means that the dreamer has a tendency to procrastinate in front of whimsical people and needs to choose their own happiness instead of bowing down in front of those who see them as just a pawn or a slave.

If a dreamer sees their real life spouse in dreams either tending to them or putting food on table, then it means that they have hit the jackpot of great happiness and their marital life will be filled with love. However, if in a dream they see their spouse either dying, ill, or angry, then it could hint at troubled times ahead as the partner in question is hiding something that could shatter the relationship and end it at a very bitter note.

Python dream meaning: You are a powerful manifester!

In a dream if a marriage is being sought and an unknown male proposes to an unknown woman then it is the start of great tidings, as such a proposal often means the start of a lucky phase. If the woman proposes to marry a man, then it implies protection coming from a male who you may or may not even be aware of.

If you are a man and see yourself proposing to an unknown woman then beware of bringing some elements that are unknown and imbalanced.

If a female proposes to an unknown man in a dream, then it could imply naivety or childishness that could invite disaster. In short, marriage dreams should be handled with absolute care.

Namta Gupta