Crimson feather meaning: You are where you should be!

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Have you seen a crimson feather while practicing the law of attraction?

Crimson feather visions or a dream signifies the energy or the path that opens after a painful and maddening trial in which the seeker undergoes the process of Kundalini Jagran (awakening).

The crimson feather vision or dream means that the seeker’s Muladhara (Root), Swadhisthana (Sacral), and the Ajna (Third Eye) Chakra are now at a heightened stage of awakening and thus the person needs to take up heavy exercises to control the outbursts that may come and go, especially if their present reality is less than satisfactory.

Seeing a crimson feather is akin to a person extending an arm to touch the finishing line, and it deals with subdued emotions of negative and doubtful hue which need to be released.

If the person is seeing flashes before entering a vision or a dream stage, then beware as the visions will definitely come true as the gift of ‘sight’ beyond the limitations of the 3d has been granted.

Muladhara and Swadhisthana Chakras are also heightened during this time, as many new experiences with regards to health, physical power, willpower, and even creativity hidden from the person would burst forth.

A bunch of such feathers means that those who are seeking many wishes will find them falling in their lap. A crimson feather with black color either at the bottom or anywhere else but in equal measure or in near equal measure means that no power in this universe can stop the manifestation.

But even after seeing these visions or dreams, I recommend the old sweet patience as other chakras would first need to get attuned as well.

Purple feather Meaning: Your heart is connected to the Supreme Power!

If you saw a crimson feather or feathers, then you are exactly where you should be.

The appearance of many such feathers in a bunch would lead to so many gifts and abundance that it would seem like a windfall of heavenly rain. So, indeed, you are a living miracle for many.

Auburn feather meaning: Painful journey is ending in joy!

But do not merely call it ‘luck’; it is the good karma accrued by you bringing everything that you ever wished for.

By Namta Gupta