Purple feather Meaning: Your heart is connected to the Supreme Power!

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Purple feather is all about the spiritual oneness that a seeker shares with the Supreme Soul. This seeker has earned the faith of the highest and the purest energy and has been rewarded with unlimited access to the thought process and the minutest of works like how karma works etc. by the Supreme Soul.

Purple feather also brings with it lots of important changes in the headspace and one may feel that the mind is filled with new ideas, thoughts of positive and possible action, and deep and new insight into Dharma.

The appearance of a purple feather also opens a new doorway to the 5th-dimensional divine world and spiritual beings may seek this person for queries or work or advice from time to time.

This in itself is a huge feat and the person must know that it is also a rare honor. Please bear in mind to stay humble and not abuse this connection or exploit it to bring upon harm to those less fortunate because when one breaks the trust of such pure and innocent beings, misfortunes follow one after another.

To stabilize the energy brought forth by the appearance of the purple feather and to stand firm in Dharma I recommend pouring a little water with some flowers on a Shivling and requesting the Supreme Soul to aid in learning Yogi-like detachment as represented by Lord Shiva as then the person will be able to amass more spiritual powers with this technique.

This detachment will enable the seeker in gaining an even more open and expansive bond with the divine energies who hold the power to bring about positive changes to one’s fate and life with their blessings.

Aubergine feathers meaning and important messages for seekers

The purple feather does appear in dreams of very high-level beings to make them understand their unique role in the Universe’s scheme of things for the revival of justice, brotherhood, and Dharma. Hardly one in a million would see the purple feather in the dream stage in a thousand years as it signals the arrival of a High-Level Dharmic Being or the ascendance of the soul to such a high level in this life cycle.

Purple White Feather: Your earlier wishes are coming true first!

Purple White feather in which the upper half is purple while the lower half is white is another great sign for a seeker. It is a unique sign from the Supreme Soul that all the thoughts and wishes made consciously and subconsciously are reaching the Supreme Soul and will manifest now.

This is the sign of transition from yellow light to green. But an important point to note is that during this phase spiritual abundance and wishes made earlier will be the first to manifest. Please also keep in mind that this does not mean that the new manifestation will be delayed but just that the ripe and older manifestation will be plucked up and sent to the seeker first.

Purple Feather Dream With colors of Yellow, Red, And Green: Law of Attraction is a Success!

If you saw a purple feather dream with little stripes or shades of yellow, red, and green then it means a lot of messages coming the seeker’s way that would be related to heart, love, and passion. Also, an opportunity for money-making easily is coming as does lots of happiness due to the revival of one’s health. This feather may not be commonly found in nature but is readily available to the 5d beings who use it to deliver messages to their ward in the mortal realm.

This particular feather is appearing as the Law of Attraction used by the seeker has succeeded in bringing out the cherished gifts in the 3d otherwise this feather will not be seen.

For the Law of Attraction to succeed, this person must have had an extremely clean karma slate and maybe working towards ascendance of their soul.

With the arrival of this feather, one may understand that the soul has reached the end of Dev-Devi level and would enter a new phase of love, light, and growth in all departments.

One is advised to enjoy the process as things are happening at a great pace now and would only take a week or two to be seen in 3d.

By Namta Gupta