Traffic Light Dream: Important messages and meaning for seekers!

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Seeing a traffic light dream is a major sign when it comes to manifestations realizing.

Usually, only a few awakened souls see or are able to gauge the meaning of such dreams. Seeing the traffic light but with no lights on means that a major event will happen but the person must remain positive and on course with his/her affirmations, collection of good karma currency, and also a general detached attitude with regards to the outcome.

Red light on Seeing this traffic light dream means that what was coming or heading a specific destination is stopping or resting for some duration. This is a minor halt only and would reach the destination. Please note, that this dream nowhere means an endless or painful wait but rather a minor delay that has been perceived as necessary by the person’s Dev-Devi Guides as necessary. During this time the person’s guides would fine-tune the energy balance in the person.

Orange light on This sign means that while the manifestations are on course yet a delay is happening as a small intersection between fates of two people (who were meant to meet) has been initiated by the Supreme Soul. During this time, both the souls would undergo churning of deep-set emotions before they would venture towards each other. This sign is for those who are on the path of a fated union.

It is actually a phase of transition and must be seen in this light. This sign is only meant for those whose destiny just got boosted due to heavy karma currency on their side. It is this currency that is making the impossible possible. This is a sign of leisure as well as standby while allowing the world to change around them.

The peace or the blissfulness that Dev-Devis exude is expected out of this person. These people may be seeing Numbers 713, 0000, or a die dream showing number 6. Expect a miraculous union in a short span (even a day or two for some incredible folks!) if you see this traffic light dream without external stimuli.

Green Light on Now, this dream is the dream for abundance in matters of love, marriage, money, health, and general happiness. Whatever your affirmations or manifestations are, the Supreme Soul through green light traffic dream says ‘yes’ to all of them. A green traffic light dream may also lead to a breakthrough in businesses due to divine intervention or fate suddenly changing like an upside-down cow dream but only in a positive way.

Green traffic light dream is like a green signal to all happiness and a person is expected to zoom on this energy. Those who see this traffic light dream may be seeing numbers like 444, 888, or even 8800 in one way or the other. Numbers 66, 666, and 555 may also be appearing in your reality before you see this dream. Also, a seeker may expect green or red feathers to appear soon after as he/she may propel towards a more fulfilling life cycle.

By Namta Gupta