Die dream meaning: Numbers hint at progress in manifestation, take note!

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Die dream is for rare individuals; mostly for mystics or Tarot readers or astrologers but others may see them from time to time as well.

Seeing a die in a dream means fate but seeing the cube show specific numbers hint at progress or growth in manifestation much like the moon phases that come in a dream. Since each number on the die has a meaning, hence, let’s find out what each one means here:

1: In a die dream if ‘1’ appears then it is a reflection on the desires manifesting and also informs that the heart of the dreamer is finally opening up to receive love (if desired). In a die dream, the die showing ‘1’ means that all is going as per the plan and the dreamer need not lose sleep over ‘alleged’ delays. This number in a die dream, therefore, means that the fated love or the wealth is within the grasp of the person and that the seeds are sprouting beneath the ground. Lord Ganesha says that all is achievable even if it seems that the path of these wishes still remains, for now, hidden.

2: Number 2 on a die in a die dream means that the partnership or the bond sought by the dreamer is still being propped up and may take some time to spring to life in the material realm.  But it also means that the said partnership or bond has the backing of the fate as it was meant to be. Hence, those who saw number 2 in a die dream are to soon enter into an agreement of sorts and fulfill their dream.

3: Number 3 on a die means an abundance of helpers or connections for the dreamer. This also means that the person is an ace speaker or communicator whose words would spread far and wide benefitting both the dreamer, his clan or society, and also others.  He/she may turn into a Spiritual Guru at a later stage or a motivational speaker. If the person is not on the spiritual journey, then he may be a great marketer of self or his/her abilities.

4: If you saw Number 4 in a die dream then it means that some major windfall may fall on the dreamer due to ancestral property or money. Some lost money may get recovered with good interest etc as well. Those who invest in stocks and shares and tread in dangerous waters may finally have the desired stability. However, those who saw this number must remember to donate 1/5th of the earned money towards the welfare of Hindu Temples, animals, birds, plants, and aquatic life forms. Here I would like to point out that the good ‘fate’ or being ‘lucky’ is nothing but just the sum total of good karma accumulating and culminating in wealth for the person to reap. So indeed it is a matter of pride that you earned good karma currency and with further donations, it would only multiply further.

5: If you saw Number 5 on a die then know that it is the sign of fated changes that will happen due to divine hand. Old habits, patterns, and spirituality will bite the dust. What was once enjoyable isn’t so anymore. After seeing this number on the die, the dreamer may start liking solitude and nature. If the Number 5 is also the sum you get after adding your day of birth + month of birth+ year of birth like this:

January 21 1900


= 5

Then it means that in this birth cycle these changes were always meant to be. Die in the dream reflecting Number 5 is also an extremely welcome sign as what the soul once sought before adorning the human form, and whatever experiences were promised by the Supreme Soul due to good karma currency accumulation, are now about to be granted.

Expect a new belief system, more inclination towards finer emotions like love, eastern spirituality like Hinduism or Jainism, and a nuanced understanding of nature and karma.

Such a person may wake up one day and take a creative turn and take to sculpting or painting or even become holy warriors of Mother Nature. These are sharp changes, but then, these changes are never meant for the weak-hearted. Only the most valiant and the most truthful of the people who think of Dharma or Justice without fear will get a chance to see this number. In the Hindus, the number 5 is considered a number that churns out the butter of wisdom or the song of the soul. The peace this ends up providing, in the long run, is so robust that no power can undo this person’s mind as he finally masters new lessons of peace, kindness, and brotherhood with all sentient life forms.

6: Technically a number that denotes great beauty due to the pure heart of the person, this number leads to gains in the material wealth and other pleasures of life. Marriage, fated life partner, domestic happiness, sexual intimacy with the chosen partner, and even a sign from the universe that the blessing in love and happiness is indeed part of the person’s fate are confirmed when this number is seen in a die dream. Those who see Number 6 on the die in the dream often have requested a sign that the person they like or love indeed is the true love that they deserve and as confirmation, the Supreme Soul sends this number in the die dream. Of course, love may not be the sole objective of everyone yet this dream will almost always mean just that or that the fated union is arriving so be patient!

If one sees a die rolling in the die dream but with no clear number, then it means that the dreamer’s state of indecision over a complex situation has reached the Supreme Soul and soon an answer would be provided through his Dev-Devi Guides.

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Namta Gupta