Auburn feather meaning: Painful journey is ending in joy!

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Auburn feather is a great sign for those trying to manifest magnificent things in the 3d. If a single and wholly auburn feather is seen, then it represents lots of manifestations to come in reality in the next 3-4 weeks.

If one sees a bunch of auburn feathers in a dream state, then it means that lots of great and ‘happening’ news will come in a week or in near future (depending upon your good karma currency).

Please note that the auburn feathers are a sign for those seekers who have been active in the Law of Attraction for quite some time and are desperate to see some results in 3d. Manifestation requires a lot of patience and sometimes it is a tiring and tedious process for those in the 3d and the Supreme Soul says that They understand this clearly. With an auburn feather appearing in either a dream or a vision state, the Supreme Soul seeks to ask the seeker to trust and not squander their faith away.

The arrival of an auburn feather is therefore a warning bell to caution the seeker to not allow negative thoughts to trouble themselves.

It is hard, sometimes excruciatingly painful, but it would manifest says the Supreme Soul with regards to the manifestation.

Those whose wishes have been pending, despite receiving all the signs or intuitive messages are advised to hold on tight as the celestial force would now take the driver’s seat much like how Lord Krishna guided Arjuna. Also know, that this phase would lead to several ups and downs.

Those seeking a life partner or money or say weight loss is expected to see results blossom in the next 10-15 days.

Those seeking renewal of health will see some result in 10 days and a complete turnaround may take 1 year with a holistic lifestyle and Ayurveda. During this time a balanced and compassionate attitude towards sentient beings is a must.

If you saw an auburn feather with a patch of grey and some hints of a paler version of yellow, then it means that the stage is set for the climax by the Supreme Soul. This is a hallmark of great things manifesting due to sheer love, devotion, and compassion.

Also, note that this feather’s appearance could lead to slight nervousness with regards to wishes and manifestation. Let it all happen but continue to stay on course. It is and is always a painful journey but it is all ending and it would end well for all the seekers.

Purple feather Meaning: Your heart is connected to the Supreme Power!

All that the Supreme Soul expects from the seeker is to keep a grip on emotions and stay on course.

By Namta Gupta