Pomegranate dream meaning: Your hard work will get rewarded!

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Pomegranate dream means that the Supreme Soul sees this person as a great soul who has all the sweetness inside their heart.

Seeing a full-fledged pomegranate plant with many ripe fruits hanging means that the person’s life has much to offer to others.

If in the pomegranate dream, the fruit is all peeled but looks sour or rotten or dirty means that the dreamer has failed to make proper efforts and lacks finesse in the project or an area of work etc.

Pomegranate fruit going missing in the dream or simply vanishing is a warning that the dreamer’s good luck is diminishing and this needs to be addressed quickly.

Grape dream meaning: Time to savor luxuries and manifestation!

Pomegranate fruit stabbed or cut at the odd places hints at no dearth of enemies for the dreamer. Hence, the dreamer is advised to seek help from spiritual forces.

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Seeing a bowl full of peeled pomegranate fruit but some of it being spoiled and accumulated at a corner means that while the person’s hard work has paid off yet the spoiled part is right at the corner for the person to chuck out with their own efforts.

By Namta Gupta