Hibiscus dream meaning: Your Guides have sent you a message!

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Hibiscus dream or a vision is one that many seekers see during their spiritual journey. Here at first, I am talking about the Red Hibiscus.

Hibiscus in the dream can be seen as the messenger of the Devs and Devis (or Gods and Goddesses) who work as the Guide of the person in the mortal realm. Seeing this flower in a dream is thus always a sign of great satisfaction, fulfillment, and a general amiable atmosphere both within and outside a person’s heart and hearth.

Hibiscus flower thus represents peace at the highest level and is a sign from the Devs and the Devi Guides that a lot of tension, anxiety and anguish is leaving the person’s life. If in the Hibiscus dream, the flower is seen at the altar of God then it means the divine peace and grace of the Supreme Soul for the dreamer.

Rose dream meaning: Love, passion and commitment, enters your life!

Red Hibiscus seen floating in a pot of water means that the energy field of the person needs cleansing. Here are the steps on how one can clean it.

Hibiscus flower blooming atop a peepal tree hints at peace leading to the feeling of fulfillment in a person’s life.

Lotus dream: Wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual gifts head your way!

Flower seen in a pot means that the growth of supreme kind is arriving due to the blessings of Mother Dhara (Earth). Uprooted Hibiscus plant or even a chopped or destroyed flower means that the person’s spiritual connection with the Supreme Soul lies in tatters. Those who see the white Hibiscus dream must know that it is all about peace which their heart desires.

By Namta Gupta