Dog attack dream meaning: Time to lead the group!

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Dog attack dream gives a weird and out-of-the-blue feeling to the dreamer. Seeing oneself attacked by a group of dogs is, however, not a very rare dream.

The dreamer may find herself/himself standing and out of the blue come dogs running at her/him and grabbing or holding on to the clothes while the dreamer tries to dodge and shoo them away unsuccessfully.

The dog attack dream usually means that several important people, loyal, and wise are now holding on to the dreamer either due to her/ his work or wisdom or sacred knowledge. These people don’t want to let the dreamer go away from them.

Now, as I have said in several other of my dream interpretations, please ensure that the dog attack dream you saw isn’t due to any external stimuli or drama, or movie. Also, please note down your emotions both when you saw this dream and after seeing it.

The dog attack dream is the mark of an awakened soul who has achieved the ‘Vaak Siddhi’ or the power of speech. This achievement, however, is not due to any meditation but achieved by going under the grind of life.

This dream, among spiritual people, mostly comes either when we are at the third stage or the fifth stage of awakening. During these stages, other seekers usually come to take directions or hear the person speak. (Stages of Awakening)

Therefore, those who saw the dream are advised to not get freaked out, stay calm, and let the process unfold.

The dog attack dream is also the hallmark of those who would attain great wisdom, powers that come from the ancient and the sacred knowledge, and greatness that would make people jump at the slightest chance to attach themselves to the dreamer.

I recommend chanting of Hindu Symbol ‘om’ 31 times to help expand the Ajna (Third Eye) and the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra as the time is near, very near, when the divya darshan (face-to-face communion) of the Supreme Soul in some form or the other may happen.

The dog attack dream, especially if the dreamer freaked out completely in the dream, also advises adequate rest of the body, mind, and soul, and to relax.

More developments, positive ones, may take place in matters of romantic love, marriage, and money with the life partner being extremely loyal to the dreamer. Expect major positive strides in up to 3 weeks, in these areas if that’s what you seek.

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By Namta Gupta