Laxmi Kamal Plant dream: Wealth will knock at your door!

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Laxmi Kamal Plant dream or even a vision is an extremely important milestone for any seeker of wealth, beauty, health, and general abundance.

Laxmi Kamal Plant is also known as Graptopetalum macdougallii and is a succulent.

This dream or vision means that the person’s monetary income is set to skyrocket in the next 7-10 days as what was just spiritual is now taking a 3D turn (going to manifest in reality).

Laxmi Kamal Plant dream is meant for extremely promising individuals who are hardworking and wish to use the money for general goodness.

This dream or vision is sent to people whose destinies have been shaped and reshaped as per their own needs. Why? Because whatever they need is aligned with Dharma.

Laxmi Kamal Plant dream isn’t meant for everyone as it may lead to changes in one’s energy field. But, those who do see Laxmi Kamal Plant dream or vision are treading the path of Dharma so well that the Supreme Soul’s most boisterous and opulent energy is eagerly waiting to rush into their life in full power.

Those who see this vision or dream must learn to keep a rigorous 36 hours fast beginning Thursday to Saturday on every alternate week to prepare their body for storing Mother Laxmi’s energy. This fasting must continue for next 3-4 weeks. Water consumption only fast with some fruits or vegetables are advised. Seek medical advice before embarking on fasting.

As I said, this fasting should go on for the next 3-4 weeks, and should be furthered after meditating on it or seeking an expert who could guide you.

Also, this individual must learn to exercise, walk, run, and take a creative turn to keep the windfall of Mother Laxmi’s energy download coming.

There are many who see this succulent in their daily lives, hence, cutting out any chances of external stimuli is a must.

Laxmi Kamal Plant dream or vision is very auspicious as it is like seeing the earthy or grounded form of the Goddess of greatness and wealth!

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Hence, stay on course and continue to work on your spirituality.

By Namta Gupta