Handicapped dreams meaning: Unlocking true potential!

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Handicapped dreams are fairly common. Often people see themselves or their near ones handicapped in dreams.

But why do handicapped dreams come?

Handicapped dreams usually appear as the sign of the soul feeling stifled or distressed due to events in waking life.

In other words, these handicapped dreams could be seen as a sign or a signal of distress that the subconscious would like the dreamer to work on.

If one sees themselves blind in either one eye or both eyes, then the chances are that they are being duped by unscrupulous elements who have muddled their thinking pattern. This person is essentially blind as he/she is unable to uncover the truth on his/her own and the subconscious wants him to seek spiritual help to put an end to the destruction of self.

Those who find their legs missing in handicapped dreams, either both or one, but cannot remember which one it was, must learn to keep a balanced stance and a nuanced stance on the matters of love and money. These individuals are actually blessed beings who have a robust future ahead but to actualize it, a balance is needed. These people must walk and connect with nature and strive hard to keep emotions in check.

If the dreamer’s left leg is missing, then it means a lack of creative force in the person. Expressing self with artistic ventures; singing, rangoli design, rakhi making, painting, sculpture making, non-toxic make-up, dancing, or anything that brings pleasure to the dreamer are recommended.

If one’s right leg is missing, then it means that this person needs to learn to persevere on their chosen path. Sometimes these handicapped dreams are followed by a sequence so that the soul can find the meaning of the dream by itself but these are in abstract form. Like the right leg missing dream may be followed by a number or an animal doing something or acting out. If that is the case, then one must write down the entire sequence and then seek clarity in meditation or from an expert.

I will give you an example. You desire love in your life but nothing is materializing on this front and you wonder if it is even meant for you, and in the dreams you find your right leg missing and then you see a sparrow out of nowhere, probably perched right in front of you. In such a case, let me tell you that your query has already been answered by the Supreme Soul; love is around you, but you do need to make an effort and reach out. If you desire to be on a soulmate journey, then dreams are a perfect way to know.

If one sees both legs missing, then it means that the person has lost standing in the eyes of his own conscience. He may have become limp in his ethics and squandered away all his goodness, power, and greatness.

When such a dream comes then I recommend aura cleaning for the next 7 days along with chanting ‘Om Gan Ganpatye Namah’ as the Supreme Soul Lord Ganesha’s help is needed for this person to make him again the mighty python he was and was meant to be. The soul of this person desires him/her to again become his true powerful self and is absolutely unwilling to accept unnecessary procrastination.

If one sees one leg but in the middle, then it technically means the achievement of balance in emotions or mastery of the female and the male energies to such an extent that this person is virtually invincible in all circumstances. This person is either at least a Guru or may have ascended to Rishi level. Expect miracles from this person in near future.

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By Namta Gupta