Lord Sheshnaag dream meaning: A new level of spirituality begins

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Lord Sheshnaag dream is seen by spiritual people.

Lord Sheshnaag serves Lord Vishnu and Mother Goddess Lakshmi. Both are portrayed as sitting on the coil of Lord Sheshnaag with Lord Vishnu in a reclining and resting posture and Mother Lakshmi sitting near his feet.

Lord Sheshnaag in this form represents spirituality, Mother Lakshmi represents opulence and the power that comes from it, while Lord Vishnu represents the balance of heart, mind, and soul that keeps this power in check.

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This representation teaches us that it is on the pedestal of spirituality that a person achieves balance, just like Lord Vishnu, and no amount of power can make this person go astray. The exponential power of Mother Lakshmi needs a certain detachment and balance from a person and a strong desire on his/her part to use it only for Dharma.

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Lord Sheshnaag dream thus represents a high level of spirituality in which all sorts of power and abundance are coming towards the dreamer in the upcoming days. Spirituality serves one’s interest in every Dharmic pursuit and aids in furthering and cementing its values just like when Lord Sheshnag followed Lord Ram and took birth as his younger brother ‘Laxman’ or when he took birth as Lord Krishna’s elder brother ‘Balaram’.

Under all circumstances, spirituality follows the dreamer and lends to him/her a certain level of power that others cannot even fathom or could ever dream of understanding.

Hence, seeing Lord Sheshnaag dream where ‘He’ appears to have a flesh-body means that all the gates of spirituality are open for the seeker and soon a balance of heart, soul, and mind will be achieved. An idol of Lord Sheshnaag in the dream means the same thing.

Seeing Lord Sheshnaag dream in which He shares space with Garuda Dev means that an impossible or at least an ‘unnatural’ friendship (only in the eyes of lesser beings) is starting as the parties involved in it have Dharma in the heart, despite standing on opposite spectrums.

In the Lord Sheshnaag dream where God is sitting or appearing to be gazing at his own reflection means that it is time to delve deeper into meditation.

Lord Sheshnaag frolicking in a jungle or a green space is the sign of a person’s soul seeking solace far away from the present state or company. If this dream comes, one must go on a low-calorie satvik diet (no eggs, meats/flesh, onions, lesser and milder spices and fats, and garlic) as the soul and the body both desire peace.

In a Lord Sheshnaag dream, if a picture or a portrait of God is hanging or is placed anywhere then it means that the soul of the dreamer desires a more intimate and spiritual connection with the Supreme Soul whereas presently the dreamer sees spirituality as ornamental and not something substantial or a worthy pursuit.

In the Lord Sheshnaag dream, if He is seen sitting alone in meditation, all eyes closed, then it means that the Supreme Soul wants the dreamer to seek peace, spirituality, and happiness because his/her own soul desires it.

Seeing an earthen puja diya lit up in front of Lord Sheshnaag’s picture means that a spiritual connection is opening up.

Seeing Lord Sheshnaag in an all golden hue means that no matter what, the dreamer’s soul knows the true value of spirituality and wouldn’t let go of it in any birth. For this soul, lack of spirituality is seen as deprivation of the acutest kind and a golden Sheshnaag dream clearly shows that it attaches ‘value’ of the highest kind to it.

In the Lord Sheshnaag dream, where God’s outside scales are black while the hood, belly, and other inside regions are golden means that the dreamer knows that these beings do not have a body or shape which we can touch or feel, yet they exist just like spirituality. The dreamer’s soul knows that these spiritual beings can take any form and shape just to aid us at our most desperate times.

Lord Sheshnaag dream thus leads to extreme changes in how one sees spirituality. If you saw this dream, then rejoice because the abundance as deep as the ocean and as gigantic as the sky is seeking you as passionately as you seek it.

One in a million ever sees such a powerful dream after undergoing several birth cycles. Hence, keep taking solid strides towards spirituality and do offer prayers to Lord Sheshnaag.

By Namta Gupta