Om dream meaning: You are a blessed being connected with the Divine

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Did you see an Om dream?

Hindu beej mantra om (ॐ) is extremely crucial as it helps the Hindus connect with the Supreme Soul.

Seeing ॐ in dreams, therefore, means that an auspicious time in spirituality lies ahead. Expect changes in Heart, Soul, and Mind as the person becomes more in sync with higher vibrations and beings.

Om dream also means that the divine is no more a distant outside force but a spiritual partner who would or is guiding and nourishing the dreamer every moment. This dreamer’s thoughts and anxieties are the thoughts and the anxiety of the Supreme Soul.

This person is very blessed in matters of the heart as all that was expected or is being desired has the firm approval of the Supreme Soul.

Expect a major wish or miracle to come to life in 2 to 3 days which may take a person by surprise. This may not be at all expected but has happened due to the constant and high volume of great karma currency earned by the individual over many life cycles.

Seeing an Om dream is also a sign of higher consciousness and sacred knowledge of the Hindu mysticism rising within a person in the form of kundalini energy. Expect some headaches and some sleeplessness for a few days as the Ajna (Third Eye) Chakra and the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra get attuned to a higher degree due to the raised spiritual status of the person. Do take medical advice at all stages.

If you were thinking of a person while going to sleep, and then see om in dreams, then he/she is the person with the full backing of the divine. If you were thinking over a project, money-making strategies, or something else, then too know that the backup of the Divine has arrived with full force.

If you saw Om dream in any way or any setting must know that spirituality is truly your strength as well as duty.

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Those who see om dream are high spiritual beings and the Supreme Soul would grant them with many boons and each of these boons would help the larger society.

These people work with the Supreme Soul as partners and not as servants.

Their doubts or questions get answered through several means but they still remain humble towards those who are not spirituality aligned.

Dreams of sexual nature hold another meaning for them as the Supreme Soul would do everything to shake them out of their comfort zone and constantly reinvigorate their stuck soul.

Miracles, healing energies, and divine interventions become a reality with these individuals as they have passed every challenging stage.

This person must also know that while he/she is blessed, yet his job would never really be over in any lifetime.

Lord Ganesha advises that the dreamer must learn to remain rooted on the ground and work on his/her feet.  This person may receive a large sum of money in a few days (or at least the amount he/she desired) and would attain fame of the lasting kind due to his/her spiritual work.

Om dream is for rare and selected individuals but everyone should know that meditation and divine backup are there for those who desire it and are willing to clean up their Karma. If we work on our Karma, then we all can be where these people stand.

Being kind to sentient beings, taking care of their health, lives, and progeny without discrimination is a great way to earn good Karma currency. Taking care of the flora is equally rewarding. Hence start from where you stand and then the sky is the limit.

By Namta Gupta