Maple leaf dream: The Higher Power sees you as a worthy person

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Maple leaf dream is one of a kind. If you saw yourself receive a maple leaf, then it means that the Higher Power sees you as a worthy person who deserves all happiness in life.

Maple leaf dream is all about sweetness, strength, and also hints at upcoming monetary gains.

If the maple leaf is received from a Higher Power like Lord Sheshnaag, then it often means that the person’s spirituality is what is opening the treasure trove in a few days’ time. It also means that the happiness and blissfulness of heart, peace of mind, and love for the soul have entered the person’s life.

Maple leaf dream is actually an acutely spiritual dream since it also represents the wonders of the Universe now becoming solidly present in the person’s life due to a spiritual leg up given by their Dev-Devi Guides.

Those who see themselves receive a maple leaf will find a lucrative deal or offer based on their spiritual work and this may even appear out of thin air.

It also means that the person’s luck is blossoming at a rapid pace.

LaxmiKamal Plant dream: Wealth will knock at your door!

Those who see receiving a maple leaf from any facet of the spiritual power must learn to spend some time alone and seek their Guides’ constant support as it would now be essential.

By Namta Gupta