White Snake dream: Love from ancestors, divine help is heading your way

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Did you see a white snake dream? Ask yourself how often did you see a  white snake dream and for how long?

It is incredibly rare to see a white snake because a white snake is a sign of our passed on loved ones and their feelings for us.

This sign is sent as the sign of oneness they feel with the one in the mortal realm and they use it to send their blessings or messages. A white snake is majestic and lack of hue makes one feels in awe just like we feel when we remember our passed on loved ones.

Isn’t it great that even after all this time they did not forget us even though they left their otherworldly attachments behind? A white snake dream is their way of saying ‘I love you, still.’

If in a white snake dream one sees himself hugging the snake or feeding it food then it is a sign of closeness one feels with the departed soul and this sign has appeared in your dream to tell you that they are with you in spirit, literally.

These passed on loved ones may join forces with other Spirit Guides or Devas to protect you and may stay around till the end of this life cycle.

They may choose to reincarnate with the person in another birth as well and they would love to experience another mortal life in close company with you.

A white snake is also a sign of supreme bliss that is about to enter a person’s life and the person needs to be prepared for it.

Flower offerings for the Devas or Guides are advised for the person seeing a white snake in a dream. A white snake is the force of good and a sign of protection. The one seeing a white snake dream is always protected by spiritual entities and he/she may be into exploring spirituality, mysteries of life, or the person may even become a renowned philosopher.

A white snake in a dream represents mystery, curiosity, divine help, divine love, and protection.

Killing a white snake in a dream is a tragic sign of losing abundance in love and spirituality while feeding or stroking it lovingly or tending to it is the sign of nurturing all that is loving in your waking life.

I recommend paying homage to ancestors every day for those seeing this sign as it would strengthen the soul connection as well as open gates for divine knowledge and love to follow in your life.

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By Namta Gupta