Wolf dream meaning: You truly love your people!

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Wolf dream is a unique dream as it brings with it a lot of awareness about family, society, or Dharma and the problems that are plaguing them.

The one seeing a wolf repeatedly in dreams has to step up and take initiative to bring direction to society. In the wolf dream, a wolf with pups means that you will have to be the role model for your society and thus must abide by Dharma at all times.

Seeing a wolf strolling in the woods at a full moon night with a hint of a floating dark cloud implies that you need to undertake night walking alone so that the Supreme Soul can guide you in your venture.

Pomegranate dream meaning: Your hard work will get rewarded!

If in the wolf dream, this animal is with his pack then this means that new and profound energies of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions are aiding you at present. This dream comes when the person is doubtful about the kind of tribe they are with and doubts their loyalty.

In the wolf dream, if this animal is going for a hunt, and catches prey then this means that you will see a goal in sight that would bring relief to all of your people soon. While a prey being able to escape despite the pack’s best effort means that you will lose a major battle due to lack of good luck on your side.

Seeing an adult wolf being murdered often means that a father-like figure would soon leave you. A female wolf dying alongside the male means that the family or a set of parental figures will leave you and the 5th dimension wishes to inform you about this development in advance.

A starving wolf pup beaten up by unknown people means that you will feel stressed, abandoned, and alone and wish that society should help and nourish you. If you see an adult wolf in a similar dream, then you will be backstabbed by people who you are aware of in 3d but they have sweet-talked their way into your life only to hit you when you are down.

In the wolf dream, if this animal is hit by an arrow but no person is seen anywhere means that you will face many hidden challenges that would change you for life. Angel Number 111, and 555  should be read as this could turn out to be either good or bad. This experience would then help rebuild your soul’s foundation for the next life cycle.

By Namta Gupta