Fish dream meaning: Your energy is being stabilized!

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Fish dream often appears when the emotional strength or the financial strength of a person is either being challenged or is being stabilized.

Seeing a fish swim calmly in the dream in clear and calm water implies that the dreamer has arrived at a peaceful junction with regard to their emotions and also finances. No doubts remain in the dreamer’s mind with regard to work or relations.

Seeing fishes flying in the air implies the ability of the person to earn many fantastic things in life, all they need is to go with the current.

If in the fish dream, you see a fish that is of a bigger size than the usual, for example, a huge goldfish, then this means that your goodness and good karma are swelling and you will soon reap rewards of many kinds.

Those who see a whale flying like an airplane then this means that one of your biggest wishes has taken flight and is reaching you. Expect to see several signs before you achieve this far-fetched dream.

If in the fish dream, one sees sharks eating the dreamer then this means that the pleasures desired from money or relations have only harmed your health and happiness. Better to not keep them in your life and dispose-off the harmful connections to be happy again.

Seeing a fish made of gold or of golden material usually means success, due to the investment of several of your guides and their energies, has arrived. But, with this success, comes a chance to serve the sentient beings and bring happiness to your guides.

Golden feather meaning: Abundance knocks at your door!

Donating towards the welfare of fish, rivers, oceans, or other aquatic animals is a good way to show your respect to your guides and the sentient creation.

Seeing yourself fishing for hours with no catch means that your desire to succeed is not reaping results due to old ways. Hence, now, you will need to change your old strategy.

If in the fish dream, a fish is seen eating from your hands, then this means that you will be blessed by Mother Mahalaxmi soon as you are a kind being loved by all of the sentient creation. You are advised to install a statue/pratima of Goddess Mahalaxmi and be devoted to her. She will be able to bring you everything, as She knows that you are a good soul. Also, know that fish of all hues are shy and rarely interact with humans. Even in the 5th dimension, it is a rare event as these souls are extremely private, with this you should know how big an honor it is for your soul if you see this particular fish dream.

Seeing dolphins jump into the water bodies implies you being able to be happy to be seen by others while swimming in money, your love, or just enjoying life. This is a sign that you are an exhibitionist and may end up attracting the wrong kind of people. Be careful.

Om dream meaning: You are a blessed being connected with the Divine

In the fish dream, if the dreamer sees themselves fishing and the catch is really high then this implies that you are a magnet and you attract profitable ventures. However, if the fishes seem stale or the dreamer is seen as unhappy then this means that what you have or what you get is utterly useless to you.

Seeing fishes (all of different kind and hue) swimming together and entering a bigger water body means that you as a soul wishes for peace and hate being in a confined and restricted environment. You are advised to swim and be near water bodies to replenish your energy from time to time.

Seeing a fish repeatedly in dreams often means that this is your guide from the 5th dimension. Beware of being crude, and cruel, after seeing a fish dream or a vision of a fish as your hard-earned good karma has gained you such a generous and kind guide who will and can teach you all about the water element. With this fish dream, or even vision you may soon be able to channel the energy of water and use it to help others. Be kind from now on as your soul will start drawing energy from your fish guide.

Seeing a fish getting cut, sliced, or just dying often means that the dreamer has an unkind streak that is driving away his peace. This person will never-ever get close to the divine for they are absolutely unkind towards the weak and the vulnerable. Their life will always remain an empty odyssey of unhappiness.

By Namta Gupta