Netflix Animation is looking for freelance writer with knowledge of Hindu Deities

Lord Ram dream, Israel Museum, Hindus, Hindu Gods, exhibition

Netflix Animation is looking for writers with preschool writing experience who have knowledge of Hindu Deities, as well as mythology and Indian culture for a job.

The job would need the person to be available for meetings with the Los Angeles-based teammates either in person, video conferencing or via phone.

This job would require the writer to suggest mythological premises that would appeal to the kids. Here is the link to the job vacancy.

If you want to read the full JD, then click here.

Hindu Gods and Deities are a hot favourite with the kids in Asia with Hanuman, Chhota Bheem and others leading the race. The booming market for children is likely to benefit with stories from Hindu Deities. However, not all are happy and many, especially in Pakistan, hate ‘Hindu’ cartoons.

Let us hope that Netflix Animation will do a great job!

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