Pakistani Hindus in Jodhpur face apathy over Long Term Visa (Videos)

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Several Pakistani Hindus based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan are coming forward over lack of hearing over the Long Term Visa extension that will allow them to stay in India.

They accuse the administration of apathy and are requesting Government of India to hear them out.

Thousands of Pakistani Hindus have been forced to flee their homeland in Pakistan due to forced conversion and religious persecution and have taken shelter in India. While the majority of cases have gotten a fair hearing, many still need to be solved. was apprised about the situation by a Pakistani Hindu who is looking for help for these people and we are trying to raise awareness about their cases.

Coming from weaker economic sections, most of these Pakistani Hindus are of Sindhi origin and are largely based in Jodhpur, Gujarat, and Delhi.

Muslim mob burns down Hindu homes and religious places in Pakistan

Take a look at the videos: