Pakistani PM heard Gayatri Mantra on Holi?

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Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif took out time to celebrate Holi with the Hindu community this year.

When he came to felicitate the Hindu community, he also heard the chanting of the sacred Gayatri mantra by a female participant which you can hear in the video below.

The Pakistani PM remained mostly silent and clapped at the end:

However, just like in any other festival or event where a mandatory recital of Quran takes place, it seems on Holi too it happened and made the Pakistani PM’s daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif very happy. In a tweet, mentioning the recital of Quran during Holi she said:

I felt so proud watching you li’l bro

The person, Usman Janjua, who recited Quran seems to be close to the Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif‘s family and he replied to Maryam and wrote:

And such a comment is itself an accolade for me

He had earlier written that:

“Another feather in the cap. Alhumdulillah recited Holy Quran in our Beloved PM visit to Karachi.”

He had earlier tweeted this picture which shows the people preparing for the Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif’s visit:

Pakistan is an Islamic country with an overwhelmingly Muslim population. However, Hindu population and awareness about Pakistani Hindus has increased in recent times and hence the outreach programs by the Muslim politicians. Pakistani Hindus have often complained of forced conversion, abduction, discrimination and Temple destructions which have led to a mass exodus to neighbor India. The assertive Hindu nationalist government has also opened the doors for these people which have further added to Pakistan’s bad reputation.

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