Sindh: Hindu village converts to Islam (Video)

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In Sindh’s Badin, an entire Hindu village has converted to Islam. The man behind the conversion is a Muslim cleric named Hafiz Ghulam Mehmood Soho.

The Hindus can be seen on camera saying that this conversion took place with their approval.

Hindu burial ground targeted in Malkani Sharif

Islam is the state religion of Pakistan and thousands of Hindus have migrated to India due to forced conversions. The discrimination against Hindus is institutionalized as they are Polytheists and impoverished. Sindhi language newspapers have reported the sad state of Pakistani Hindus with gumption but no noticeable improvement in the condition of Pakistani Hindus has happened. The picture below is that of a man named Shankar who is a Scheduled Caste Hindu.


He and his sons were badly beaten up by a Muslim man for drinking water from a tap, as Shankar and his sons belong to lower castes. The news appeared on August 22 in Kawish:


Sexual assaults against Hindu women are rarely reported and those who do get reported often do not get justice. Awami Awaz news on 28th August 2017 reported that the Hindu teenager girl was sexually assaulted by Gul Hassan and Mor Panhwer near Umerkot.


The family of the girl came out and reported the assault thinking it will help them but they are still awaiting justice.


Like we said that the state policy of Pakistan is biased. This small proof should be enough to illustrate this point. The picture you see below is that of the ‘marking system’ to judge competence and here the one who knows Quran will get an additional 3 marks (Hifz-ul-Quran). Professor Anjum James Paul in a statement wondered how KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) minorities, which includes Hindus, Christians, and others, can compete in such exams when they have been deprived of 3 marks right from the beginning. But he is unlikely to get his answers, no one does.

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