Taslima Nasreen speaks up on Rohingyas

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Taslima Nasreen is accusing the Myanmar government of whitewashing its ‘doings’ vis-a-vis the Rohingyas. She attacked Myanmar by saying that foreigners were sent to the Hindu village to show how Muslims killed Hindus but the government, is not showing the mass graves of Muslims which were killed by the Myanmar Army.

Here is her tweet:

Taslima Nasreen seems to have some doubts about the murder of Myanmarese Hindus as she believed the Rohingya Militant group’s take that they didn’t kill civilians and rather, that, the ‘Buddhist nationalists killed them (Hindus).’ She also brought a point stating that the Myanmarese Hindus were initially saying that the terrorists were wearing the masks.

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Here are the many pearls of wisdom from Taslima Nasreen:

In earlier tweets, she had also accused Myanmar of depriving Rohingyas of human rights and said that Rohingyas do not have any education nor any idea about family planning.

Taslima Nasreen had earlier demanded that Dalai Lama should visit Myanmar to ‘get the smell of thousands of burnt houses and the smell of hundreds of dead bodies.’

She also called the Myanmar’s Buddhists to be a hateful people.

Her earlier comments on Hinduism were trashed by none other than Rajiv Malhotra but she remains unstoppable, and she does not care whether she is right or wrong!:

While we may not agree with Taslima Nasreen, she is doing a great job playing the Devil’s advocate, but Rohingyas may soon have to pack up their bags as the mass Hindu slaughter has made clear that their presence could soon become a challenge for the Indian security.

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