Myanmar Hindus: Don’t call us ‘Rohingya’ Hindus

Myanmar Hindus are unhappy with the term Rohingya Hindu which is being used to describe the Hindus who are living in Rakhine. In a scathing retort, All Myanmar Hindu Central Council said “that some international media, who although, were kind enough to report the news described the Hindus living in Rakhine state by an invented term called “Rohingya Hindu” which, the group uncharitably said ” never exists in the history of Hindus in Myanmar.”

It said that use of such neologistic term is equal to betraying the people of Myanmar and said that Hindus ‘prefer not to be described in that way.”

The group also said that attacks by terror group ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) resulted in lawless massacre and in worst circumstance, the majority of Hindu villagers including children were brutally murdered and mutilated.

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Rohingya Militants abducted Hindu women for forceful conversion

Myanmar Hindu group said that some Hindu women were kidnapped to a ‘neighboring country’ (hinting at Bangladesh?) with the alleged purpose of deceiving international community and forceful conversions.

It said that it is willing to participate in long-term rehabilitation work and added that Hindus should refrain from exuberant celebration during the upcoming Deepawali festival to show solidarity with the Myanmarese Hindus.

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Today hundreds of Myanmarese Hindus gathered in Yangon, organized by All Myanmar Hindu Central Council, where they offered condolences on the Hindu mass slaughter. The group also urged the Hindu people across Myanmar to hold praying ceremonies like this.

The Indian government has expressed its concern over the massacre of Myanmar Hindus and has called for justice while Rohingya militants are denying that they indulged in any atrocity against the Myanmar Hindus in the Rakhine. But the big question is that when will the Myanmar Hindus be able to return to their country and what steps the government of Myanmar will take to ensure their safety. India and Hindu groups will be keeping an eye on the next move, for sure.

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